I am a former AP Physics teacher and stay-at-home dad, current data analyst and future data scientist.

I left teaching because I wanted to solve technical problems, not teenager problems. I loved my students, and I have some great memories and developed useful skills, but I discovered that the most fun I had was  analyzing test scores and predicting AP test performance. I stayed home with the kids for a year, spending my time reading The Lorax or My First Dinosaur Encyclopedia, teaching our youngest her letters and animals sounds, and learning Python and all its data trappings in between. I started this blog to keep myself on pace and accountable and to share my thoughts on and experiences with this growing field.

In June, I was offered a job as a data analyst with AdTheorent, an online advertising company using machine learning. I’m a member of the data warehouse team, helping to optimize and manage our Redshift cluster as well as writing code to process and load incoming data. I still want to move in the direction of data science, machine learning, and modeling, so the blog abides!

I hope you enjoy.